Modern Office Workplace Design

27 Oct 2023

Cool Color Palette | Starry Sky | Marble Wall Patterns | KTV | Office | Karaoke Room | LED Lighting

Located in BUKIT JALIL, Kuala Lumpur, this renovation project embraces an ultra-cool modern office theme that combines elements to create a cool and stylish cool color atmosphere, exuding a strong sense of luxury! 

First, in the Karaoke room, the use of LED lighting adds a sense of depth to the space, combined with the design of a galaxy-themed starry sky ceiling, directly reflecting the trend of modern and cool aesthetics. It also brings a sense of boldness, making it the ultimate choice for the younger generation!

For the conference room, we've incorporated a screen design with marble patterns, which not only embodies a visually appealing warm color palette but also reflects personal aesthetics. This ensures that every person entering your meeting room senses your professionalism and maintains their best state for every meeting!